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Nature has given mankind the gift of precious stones, and ever since, man has worked to sublimate them through fine jewelry. In an age of standardization, French savoir-faire remains an exception. Velum Vendôme combines it with the heritage of oriental culture to create exceptional pieces with a unique artistic signature. Our creations eradicate time and borders, cultivates the art of beauty and goodness and forges the dazzling destinies of unique pieces forever linked to the brilliance of a dynasty.

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Velum Vendôme benefits from an international network of gemologists and lapidaries in order to offer exceptional stones. As well as the best workshops of artisans in Place Vendôme, to create unique and exclusive jewels. All the production and materials are made in France.
A dream, a memory, a desire.. These talented artists crystallize essential moments to create unique jewels for an elitist and confidential clientele.

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Write a new

chapter in History

French high jewelry has its origins in royalty. Crown bearers have succeeded from one to another, but the jewels have been handed down from generation to generation, like an ultimate legacy… A materialized part of history that never fades away. Velum Vendôme aims to perpetuate this tradition through modern dynasties: oriental royalty.


The Founder

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Created in 2020 by Souraya Adhari, Vélum Vendôme crafts tailor-made jewellery in the best Parisian workshops, linking cosmopolitan cultures and the French touch.

“If our brand is designed primarily for Arab monarchies, it is because I know their codes and tastes. We put the skills of Paris’ finest ateliers
at the service of our customers. It is also by displaying great flexibility and dedicating ourselves to the requests of a small elite, who are accustomed to working with historic brands, that we differentiate ourselves.” – Souraya Adhari



PinClipart.com Coonskin Cap Clipart 3723265

Vélum Vendôme wants to redefine exclusivity.
Its uniqueness is measured by the level of its creativity, where the genius breaks through the unknown and interprets its rarity.



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Exclusivity and uniqueness are the key words to define Velum Vendôme’s identity. As La Joconde in the eyes of Leonardo Da Vinci, our clients become the artist’s muses. Getting to know their wishes, passions, stories and personalities through private interviews allows our designer to create the perfect piece of art.

More than High Jewelry… a Lifestyle

Velum Vendôme offers a never seen before style:

An association of Haute Couture with high jewellery : a mix between the jewel and the textile, directly fused into the garment. As well as, Parisian designs revisited with an oriental touch.

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